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With our 360° workshop we will give you all basic information about how a production in India can be established. We will point out the opportunities and we will also point out the difficulties and risks in the first hour of our workshop.

After the basic part of the workshop we can discuss all matters of your business and project. You can ask questions to our experts and we will discuss possible approaches. That will be the second hour of our 360° workshop.

Please note that you can book our 360° Workshop down below. If you are interested in getting more information afterwards by booking another workshop that is focussed on your needs and project, we can discuss that later on.

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Will be always between 2pm and 5pm GMT In case these dates don't work for you, please enter your suggestions in the message field down below.
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CCI is our 'eyes-and-ears' in India – providing highly technical and professional inspection services, coupled with quick response times and experienced reliability. Their highly skilled sourcing & inspection teams allow us to deliver flawless products to our clients, time after time.

Lara, UK


We have been working with CCI for Sourcing In India since 2010. Now CCI is the sole agency for our quality control in India. CCI inspections reduce concerns about quality control issues and I recommend CCI Inspection to any company importing from India. Compared to other large QC companies we have used, we get better inspection services while cutting our QC budget by 50%.

Maja ( Denmark)

For two years, CCI has helped us solve quality issues and we' re very satisfied. CCI is the partner we need. Its pro-active team has proved very efficient and the quality of their reports is amazing. Its service allows us to prevent problems before they occur and keep our customers informed.

Katherine ( US )

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