Impartiality Statement

In order to maintain impartiality, integrity and guarantee the independence of all checking operations, CCI hereby makes the following declarations:

1. CCI strictly complies with the state laws and regulations as well as state inspection accreditation bodies (hereinafter referred to as statutory authority); supplies the society with accredited product checking operations and other relative services; performs corresponding legal obligations and undertake corresponding legal responsibilities;

2. CCI establishes good professional conduct and insists on non-discriminatory service in an open, fair and voluntary manner.

3. CCI protects state secrets, commercial secrets and technical secrets, and also protects customer’s ownership and patent right from infringement.

4. CCI insists on independent inspection and judgment; we insist that all operations will not be interfered or affected by any related parties.

5. Legal person Sam is the top management for all inspection operations for the company, taking full leadership and responsibility for all the management of all inspections.

6. CCI’s  management guarantees that no administrative or commercial intervention is imposed on people who are responsible for inspection operations so that both the checking data and the result are correct and reliable.

7. CCI guarantees that it and all other related parties including inspectors and technical personnel, never perform activities which threaten the independence or integrity of inspection operations, and won’t directly or indirectly be involved in the business activities that design, produce, supply, install, implement or sustain relevant programs or other similar competitive programs.

8. CCI will not accept any investment, sponsorship or agency that are not trustworthy, and guarantee not to get involved in customer’s market or take competing interest.

9. CCI abides by requirements from statutory authority, operates and improves the quality system continuously. At the same time it maintains and develops the inspection abilities that are recognized by inspection authority.

The above statements declare CCI’s standpoint of impartiality, integrity and independence for all checking operations. All the employees should strictly observe. We welcome supervision from all circles of the society

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